most Fashionable night in Berlin



₮Я∆/\/ㄅⅰ₮◊Яㄚ ∆∑ㄅ₮サ∑₮ⅰςㄅ – 31st August, 2012 at RAUM (ziegrasstrasse 15)

In order of appearance (or not) we present …

frosted tips: If you were not one of the lucky ones who lit her hair this way, you have a second chance, you got extensions.

… the 90s lurking again, so you will probably see someone out there soon with outlined lips, or worse yet, you will do it yourself.

… Avril Lavigne stylist that spread to many teenagers tying a tie around their neck (also seen as belt)

Compact Disc and Discman, not as practical as the mp3, not as vintage as cassette tapes, and not as collectible or nostalgic as Vinyl. A shame.

…the lovely tamagotchi ! object that needs no comment

… the myspace account that you can’t eliminate from the network and that will last forever

… those (many, failed) attempts to popularize Cherry Coke

… the hours you lost in the messenger, flirting, probably with a girl with outlined lips and/or extensions, or a guy with frosted tips.

… and Mike Hamill, as the first of three “one hit wonders” that we want to show.


And so, here, a party that you will forget, by  people that you might hate in a early future, about some music that you will not like anymore (if you ever liked it). Enjoy our trends !



















*****Dj Balli  (Sonic Belligeranza)

*****Foxdye  (Death$ucker)

*****SLP  (Spettro Records)

*****Company Fuck (Hirntrust)

+ The Hyper Trendy DJ´s :

***** Rotten Martian

***** Santi y el lobo

***** Hararca  (Kadiq club)

***** Santisima Virgen Maria  (off me nut)


to celebrate (almost) 1 year of our existence, here is one mix with lots of songs from people who played in ours, enjoy!



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