most Fashionable night in Berlin



₮Я∆/\/ㄅⅰ₮◊Яㄚ ∆∑ㄅ₮サ∑₮ⅰςㄅ – 31st August, 2012 at RAUM (ziegrasstrasse 15)

In order of appearance (or not) we present …

frosted tips: If you were not one of the lucky ones who lit her hair this way, you have a second chance, you got extensions.

… the 90s lurking again, so you will probably see someone out there soon with outlined lips, or worse yet, you will do it yourself.

… Avril Lavigne stylist that spread to many teenagers tying a tie around their neck (also seen as belt)

Compact Disc and Discman, not as practical as the mp3, not as vintage as cassette tapes, and not as collectible or nostalgic as Vinyl. A shame.

…the lovely tamagotchi ! object that needs no comment

… the myspace account that you can’t eliminate from the network and that will last forever

… those (many, failed) attempts to popularize Cherry Coke

… the hours you lost in the messenger, flirting, probably with a girl with outlined lips and/or extensions, or a guy with frosted tips.

… and Mike Hamill, as the first of three “one hit wonders” that we want to show.


And so, here, a party that you will forget, by  people that you might hate in a early future, about some music that you will not like anymore (if you ever liked it). Enjoy our trends !



















*****Dj Balli  (Sonic Belligeranza)

*****Foxdye  (Death$ucker)

*****SLP  (Spettro Records)

*****Company Fuck (Hirntrust)

+ The Hyper Trendy DJ´s :

***** Rotten Martian

***** Santi y el lobo

***** Hararca  (Kadiq club)

***** Santisima Virgen Maria  (off me nut)


to celebrate (almost) 1 year of our existence, here is one mix with lots of songs from people who played in ours, enjoy!



thousand of links :




DeadStyles ROOM

☐—- NHK’Koyxeи
(Pan, Small But Hard)

☐—- Dj Scotch Bonnet
(Small But Hard)

☐—- Sleepwaker
(Dead Styles)

☐—- Wasteman
(Dead Styles)

☐—- Shins-k
(Dead Styles)

☐—- Dj Die Soon

TheHyperTrendyLeague ROOM

☐—- Duran Duran Duran
(Cock Rock Disco)

☐—- Fexomat
(Ringe Raja)

☐—- Cauto
(Dutty Artz / Disboot)

☐—- Vanilla killer
(The Pussy killers)

☐—- Dr. John Dee

☐—- dj Awesome Horse
(Trash n Core)

☐—- VJ Santi y el Lobo

mehr info

13th April 2012 at Raum


@ RAUM (ziegrastrasse 15 / neukölln S-bahn Sonnenallee)

13 april – The Hyper Trendy League


**Bigger than both of us, is the fifth album by Daryl Hall and John Oates, released in 1976. And it includes the hit Rich Girl that we fervently recommend.

**Bigger than The Beatles, is the title of a song written by Jeb Stuart Anderson and Steve Dukes, and recorded by American country music artist Joe Diffie, and It was released in 1995. Please, do not miss the video. Oh! and the song talks about an amateur rocker and his bartender girlfriend and really really important, it reached Number One on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks.

**Bigger than big,   a song by Super Mal, with the vocals performed by Luciana. It achieved critical and commercial success in the dance industry, but only reached #19 on the UK Top 40; soooo sad 😦  Listen and watch here.

**Bigger than America, is the sixth album by the english synthpop group Heaven 17, released in 1996. Try to resist  this Temtation.

**Bigger than my imagiantion, was  the debut album of Christian singer Michael Gungor and it was released in 2003.  He has a song that talks about god, or maybe is just one of many, not sure. Well, this is called “God is not a white man” .  And  you also can have a look to this church perfomance  that we think has nothing to be between Gungor, but not sure neither.

**Bigger than us,  HANNAH MONTANA   ♥  LIVE !!

**(NO) Bigger than a minute, is a 2006 documentary film about dwarfs in the media, by filmmaker Steven Delano. Watch the trailer here .

**(IT’S) Bigger than Hip-Hop, full name It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop: The Rise of the Post-Hip-Hop Generation, is a creative non-fiction book by M. K. Asante. Employs Hip Hop culture as a vehicle to explore important social and political issues facing the Hip Hop and Post-Hip Hop generations. The title is a nod to rap group Dead Prez’s song “Hip Hop”.

**(SOMEBODY) Bigger than you and I, Elvis Presley song . Enjoy! 

**Bigger than my body,  is the first single released by John Mayer from his second album Heavier Things. Listen an acoustic live. As a B-side, the single contained a cover of Radiohead’s “Kid A” and a new original song that was not included on Heavier Things, “Tracing”. He composed the song after going to a Coldplay concert.  At the same time, he commented on the frustration of not being able to get the music outside of his own body.

**Bigger than life,  is an American film made in 1956 directed by Nicholas Ray and starring James Mason, who also co-wrote and produced the film, about a school teacher and family man whose life spins out of control upon becoming addicted to cortisone. Watch the trailer and the intro from Manson “Its about a drug; a drug which properly used can be a life saver, buy unproperly used can be a life destroyer”

**Bigger than love , song by the band My favourite highway,  an American pop rock band from Fairfax, Virginia, formed by cousins, Dave and Will Cook, in November 2004. Follow the lyrics and improve your singing skills.

**Bigger than the sky,  is a 2005 film directed by Al Corley. After being rejected by his girlfriend, Peter Rooker decides to audition for a small role in an upcoming local community theatre’s production of “Cyrano de Bergerac”  Gradually, Peter discovers that in the world of theater the normal rules do not apply – but in the end there is a role for everyone. Watch the Trailer and maybe you will be interested in watching the whole film. Or maybe not.

**Bigger than the Devil, is the third release by crossover thrash band Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D.) and it was released in May 1999. Listen to the track that named the album.

**Bigger than Jesus, in August 1966 John Lennon  remark that The Beatles had become “more popular than Jesuswhen he was quoted by the American teen magazine, Datebook. Lennon originally made the remark when an English newspaper reporter, Maureen Cleave, interviewed him at home for a series of articles on the lifestyles of the four individual Beatles.
When Datebook quoted Lennon’s comments five months later in August 1966, vociferous protests broke out in the southern United States. The Beatles’ records were publicly burned, press conferences were cancelled and threats were made. The protest spread to other countries including Mexico, South Africa and Spain; there were anti-Beatles’ demonstrations and their music was banned on radio stations. Two press conferences were held in the US, where both Epstein and then Lennon expressed their regret at words taken out of context and offence taken. Christian spokesmen pointed out that Lennon had only stated what the church was itself saying about the decline of Christianity. The US tour went ahead but there was disruption and intimidation, including picketing of concerts by the Ku Klux Klan, and at one concert the group mistakenly believed they were the target of gunfire. Watch part of interview and its impact.

Source: wikipedia

And …  yeah, about all these artist playing at The Hyper trendy League IV, if you do not know them, please, search some info by yourself.

// Santisima Virgen Maria (EU-Tour gig)
// Dj Donna Summer
// Electric Kettle
// Sim on kor Funkle
// Dj Die Soon
// Airborne Drumz
// Santi y el Lobo
// La Verbena de la Paloma Siglo XXX

SVM Europe tour in a hearse info:

17th March, 2012 @ RAUM

The Hyper Trendy League – 17 March, 2012

@ RAUM (ziegrastrasse 15 / neukölln S-bahn Sonnenallee)




We are glad to announce that the next Hyper trendy League is here ! and it will take place at the fantastic RAUM, a huge space in the 4th floor of an industrial building, with a powerful soundsystem and unbeliveable morning sunrises


THIS IS A STORY OF TWO: The Boy & The Girl.


BERTIE: The Boy met him in Bristol, both playing the same gig. Then The Boy booked him to tour in Spain and the most thing what he loved was the spanish ham sandwich with tomato and olive oil.
The Girl wanted to know him, so they decided to bring him from London just for this party and celebrate his birthday. Such a coincidence, it´s the same day.

SCOTTY: The Boy met him recently in some party, and then The Boy introduced him to The Girl at Karaoke Monster Ronson, just before they sang the Cindy Lauper’s hit “girls just wanna have fun” and they rocked it !!

MIKE: first time The Girl talked to him was actually through a closed door, trying different keys to open it. But there was no way. Finally The Girl met Mike at Shinke’s place, while he was making this special japanese writing.

SHINSKE: met The Girl through a common friend long time ago, and then he was invited to dinner with The Girl’s family in La Adrada (Ávila – Spain). He ate so much that The Girl’s mother thought he was about to get sick

KOSUKE: he came to Berlin like, some days ago, The Girl meet him in her new flatmate’s moving. And so that was it. Then he said he was musician as well, and then Boy and Girl thought would be nice to have him and so they asked him if he wanted to play his first gig in Berlin at The Hyper trendy League. he sraid “no”, and after a while he said “yes”.

NACHO: He is The Boy. The first contact with The Girl was a potatoes omelette for lunch and then they fell in love.


NOW COME to the party and you will have the chance to meet all these guys, The Girl and The Boy.


18 November, 2011 @ Loophole

18-Nov-2011 @ Loophole Boddinstr. 60, (U7 Rathaus neukölln) Berlin


You have to enhance anything you wanna sell. Make it look better than others, but it does not have to be better at all. You have to be the best. You have to make people sadly ask  themselves why they dont have what you do have, make them need any single shit you make.

If you do not come to this party, YOU ARE NO-ONE.  All the cool people is gonna be there because THIS IS THE PARTY OF THE MONTH. You know you already wanna come even before giving a fuck about who is playing/acting, don’t you?

In case you still don’t know The Hyper trendy League (do not say to anyone, everyone is gonna laugh about you) we are gonna upset you until death with all this (dis)information because, yeah, you  have to feel the need of coming.


Founder of Matraka Sound System, one of the most powerful Free-Parties collectives in Spain, based in Madrid.

Promoter of the Pandemic parties and the Pandemic Fest I and II

Two EPs at his back released on Sayonara Records (JP)

Here you can listen to/download his collaboration with the mixtapes-blog Chachitapes

Click on his Soundcloud

And say you like it on Facebook

Dingy Dysu

From Tokio
stopped by London
to end in Berlin

Promoter of Dead Styles

Promoter of JapStep

Berliner designer Superquiet created his new logo

Then came the tshirts

Over six years playing along around the worls with artists like Foreign Beggars, Warrior Queen, Roots Manuva, Diplo, Bong-Ra, Shitmat, Maruosa, Beardyman, and a long list that is too long even for us so, imagine!!

Listen to his music on Bandcamp

Read his biography

Check out his website if this is not enough for you

And FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, his Horror set will be accompained by the Software engineer and visual-artist Mauro Ferrario , using his own VJ soft he writed.

Kaktus Ice

They are german.

They played at the Nowhere Festival

They released on Dancecorps

here you have more artist that released their music on Dancecorps:
Annoying ringtone
sinead o’connick jr
The Capt. Kirk on LSD Experience

Le Immagini di Vetro Project

They are two.

He makes music

She paints and play with lost of stuff using a overheadprojector

They tell stories that will let you breathless with different semantic forms, to show the creative and communicative experience in the art process.

See videos at their Vimeo and, please, read the text

Have performed for DienstBar

Have performed supporting Tacheles

Have performed at the Friedenkirche

Check out their blog for more past-and-future-info

Rotten Martian 

Made the “warm up” in the first Hyper trendy League, and we just felt in love with him. So we had to beg for his return.

Dj and promoter for a long time in Spain

He has promoted with Leplanb (salamanca)

As promoter and musician, has played along with:
Luke Vibert
Boris Divider
Dj Muerto
rec overflow.

Ynoshy Yage

Music engineer  and musician.

Toured with Fangoria, whos singer is the diva of the spanish technopop

Santi y el Lobo

Has played at Mountainbass Festival

Has played at the Day of the Droids parties (strongest, hardest parties in Barcelona)

He knows how to cook while playing, and here is the proof

Listen and download his sets here

Santísima Vírgen María

One of those Off me nut Records artists

Releasing his super famous “Alma de Cántaro” EP

Collaborating with Spongebob Squarewave (Half of Squire of Gothos)

Vice Spain interviewer

Promoter of  The Hyper trendy League

Listen more at his holy-Soundcloud

And become a fan in Facebook